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1st Product Technology Programme (PTP) : Shared Prosperity

The Department of Irrigation and Drainage, Malaysia (DID Malaysia) through The Regional Humid Tropics Hydrology and Water Rescources Center for South-East Asia and the Pacific, (HTC KL) has been designated as the One Stop Center (OSC) for PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMME (PTP).

This PTP is in accordance with the circular of the Treasury of Malaysia 3.1 (PB 3.1), the Guidelines for the Optimizing Government Expenditure. This policy is taken seriously as the government prioritizes local products and minimizes the use of imported products. Malaysia is heading towards Sustainable Infrastructure Development to Support Water for the Future and Resilience Strucutres. The DID Malaysia’s projects are moving towards to Sustainable Water Management with an emphasis on Sharing Prosperity.

Objective of the PTP

  1. To promote and empower the use of local products to enhance the Malaysian economy. This is in line with the government’s directive to reduce dependence on imported products by highlighting locally made products at a more cost-effective manner.
  2. As a structural solution to the problem of flooding, river bank stability, coastal erosion, silt deposition and waste in the river and drainage. This recommended product is patented for application at the DID Malaysia level.
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