Journal of Water Resources Management. (Volume 1, Number 2 - December 2013:
  1. Click here for Paper 1 - Regional Flood Frequency Analysis in the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia using the L-Moments Approach
  2. Click here for Paper 2 - SMART Saves Kuala Lumpur City Centre From Inundation
  3. Click here for Paper 3 - Evaluation of Bioretention System Under Tropical Climate: A Case Study At Humid Tropics Centre Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (HTCKL)
  4. Click here for Paper 4 - Error Correction Modelling for High Resolution Dataset
  5. Click here for Paper 5 - Event and Pre-Event Pattern of Isotopic Hydrograph Separation for Small Headwater Regenerated Forest and Oil Palm Catchment in Sarawak
  6. Click here for Paper 6 - Enhanced Water Quality Monitoring for Produced Water Disposal using Cross-Flow Membrane Filtration